Help with nube-logic nodes set

I'm trying to use some nodes out of node-red-contrib-nube-logic, but as there is no description at all on how to use any of them, combined with my general inexperience, I have no idea what these things want from me to function. What I'm trying to do is compare two values, and if they're a certain amount apart from each other, pass a message, or in the case of these nodes, a 1 or 0. Seemed like the hysteresis one would do the trick, but nothing I'm throwing at it seems to stick. Is anyone familiar with this set of nodes?

May I suggest you forget the nodes and work with what you know.

As you are new, using extra nodes (which don't have documentation) isn't going to help you easily learn.

Try using more basic nodes.

That reply is actually quite shocking. I'm trying to figure out what you have to gain from attempting to shut down a potential learning path of a complete stranger. Each question I've posted on this site has been well answered very quickly, and each answer has precipitated exponential learning and application that I was then able to do on my own.
May I suggest you forget posts that you have no interest in being helpful in and work with being more constructive.

Hey @ajaymccollum, I'm pretty sure what Andrew was saying is sometimes a badly written contrib node (like how you describe this one) is sometimes not worth the effort and in fact, DIYing it can greatly improve your abilities in node-red.

What I've witnessed in myself and others is - at first you install a shed load of contrib nodes then by the time you're proficient, you rarely install contrib nodes (partly because sometimes they are substandard & don't really add anything to the base built-in nodes).

Here's a constructive pointer I often give in these types of questions - post an issue on the repo - if the author hasn't abandoned the contrib node, he should pick it up and update the node or at least the readme.

Ps, a quick search of the forum reveals nothing - it is my suspicion not too many people use this contribution (possibly due to zero documentation) - I don't.

A well tried node that does support hysteresis is node-red-contrib-ramp-theremostat. It provides a thermostat feature with adjustable hysteresis, which may be what you are looking for. It also provides a ramp profiling feature which you can ignore if you don't need it.
Alternatively you might like to try to build it yourself using the standard nodes, as suggested by @Trying_to_learn. That way will take longer but you will learn a lot, with the help of those here if necessary.

I understand @Steve-Mcl ‘s point and maybe I misunderstood what @Trying_to_learn was getting at. I had pretty much figured out how to do what I wanted about two minutes after posting this, with the node that @Colin happened to recommend, so problem solved. What I was imagining, in leaving the post as it was, was discovering some mechanic or technique that I was unaware of, that I could then add to my personal node-red repose-toi. I was just taken aback with a “don’t try to learn stuff you don’t know how to do” feeling to the first response.

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And for very simple hysteresis check the default rbe node

I think that is the opposite of what @Trying_to_learn was saying. I believe he was saying you won't learn anything by trying to use undocumented nodes (in fact he explicitly says that), you will just waste time, but to the contrary you will learn by trying to solve it using the more basic nodes.


But it was clumsily worded, and somewhat brusque.
Looking at that set of nodes it does seem to be related to a PLC manufacturer in Aus so maybe they have fabulous documentation elsewhere (hah). So yes they need a poke.

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