Thresholds missing in Dynamic Hysterises

Can someone explain the working or application of Dynamic Hysterises? I am new to Node red and find it difficult to make use without understanding.

Also, when I try to use it, I get the 'Thresholds missing' error.
Thanks in advance.

Are you using a contribution node for hysteresis? Unless you tell us what it is we don't know what you are using.

I am using Hysteresis for an application where the relay must be switched on based on the lowest value from the 8 input sensors.

for eg: 8 input pressure sensors are connected and the minimum of them are found. I want the light to switch on if the pressure is above x value and switch off when the pressure is below y value.

I can use fixed hysterises here, but how can i use or what is the advantage of using dynamic?

Are you asking about the concept of dynamic hysteresis (whatever that is) or its use in a particular node? If you are talking about the concept then I have never heard of it.

If you select an Hysterises node, you have option to select fixed and dynamic

Which node is it?

Please provide a link to it from the ↑ library

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