Help with the Hysteresis node

Hi .
I am trying to use the Hysteresis node (that I installed via node-red-contrib-edge-trigger). I cannot get this node to work. The property page for this node has two properties, Set point and Dead band. If I set those to e.g. 16 and 2 the values are lost after I click Ok. The node gets a red triangle saying invalid properties for rising_threshold and falling_threshold. And when deploying I get a warning that is it not properly configured.

My properties page for this node differs from that in the node-red-contrib-edge-trigger 1.0.0 description


From the documentation:

What am I doing wrong, or not understanding?

Welcome to the forum @viktste

Have you also installed a node with hysteresis in the name or description, it is possible there is a conflict between them. Check in Manage Palette. If so, remove one of them.

Thanks for the reply Colin.
I also tried (and therefore have installed) the node-red-smithtek-hysteresis.

I did try to uninstall node-red-contrib-edge-trigger and just install the node-red-contrib-hysteresis, but had the same problem.
However as went to the hysteresis properties page again today it now looks like this (and the values now stick when I press ok):


I have not made any changes (that I am aware of) to the Node Red setup since my first post this morning. I must me seeing things...

That may have been a browser caching issue.

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