Helpful tip when remote controlling SAMSUNG TV and FOXTEL (payTV) STB

I have only in the last couple of years got an HDMI TV and was introduced to the world of HDMI.

I have this set of nodes:

My Problem was that I would send channel changes but the STB (Set Top Box) would not always get all the numbers.


I'm guessing this would also apply to any other HDMI controlled device which is used to change channels.

(For me, the TV is ONLY a display. All other stuff (channels etc) are done on the STB)

So if I sent 152, the STB would sometimes get channel 520. (Missed the first 1 and added a 0 at the end.)

My trick to get around this is before sending the channel numbers, send a volume up and volume down press.
(I do both so the end value stays the same)

After than the wrong channel occurrences has gone to 0.
Before it was random. Depending on a lot of things.

Just sharing.
Hope it is of some help to some.

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