Hex serial output

Hi to everybody,

I am working with serial-in/out nodes from node-red-node-serialport 0.11.0.
I have a hex message that I want to out directly but the module deliver the string as ASCII string or binary buffers.

Any idea to do that?
Thanks in advance

you can use function node to convert the binary (using "Buffer.from([binary])" ) to get output

But this would be to have again this data in node red and process it, isn't it?
what I want is to deliver via serie as hex string (it will be delivered to a external physical device) this output or do a trick to achieve the output ascii string will be the hex output that i need ....
Thanks again

I was in need of the same thing, to give a hexa output.. which I managed to obtain buffer from binary code and sent it to the device.. that is a bit complicated.. but works( still searching for better way)

node-red-contrib-buffer-parser is idea for breaking down and building up buffers without deferring to function nodes & buffer objects.

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