Hiding tabs on dashboard

Hi there, I want to hide all the tabs on dashboard after logout button get clicked. But, I wont be able to hide one of my tabs. It always shows on dashboard no matter how many times I read a code for it to hide. Help please!

How do you log in?
What does the logout button do?
How do you hide tabs?
What is on the tab that won't hide?
If you create one more tab with nothing important on it, can you then hide the sticky one?

I used form node to logging in and for that particular user tabs are shown.
Logout button is to hide every tab but not the login form one.
I used function to hide and linked it with ui_control.
I have 4 tabs and after clicking logout I want to hide all those 4 tabs but in my case only 3 tabs are able to hide.
Yeah, I tried that too but that sticky one is not hiding.
Thanks for the quick reply.

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