Histogram from array of numbers

Hello everyone,
I have an array of numbers and I need to create a histogram with them, but I don't know how. Something like what I show in the image, where my numbers go from 0 to 6000, for example. A number should not be a bar on the graph, I need them to be more clustered because the array will be long. Thanks.


There is currently no node I can find that will do that. That said, you could try installing a gnuplot.js and passing the data to it and creating a graph. Not as simple as using an existing ui node, but when one doesn't exist....

If you first convert your data into the values required for the bar graph then you should be able to use the standard ui chart to draw the histogram.

[Edit] Google found this which looks like it should be a start. Simple histogram algorithm in Javascript - Stack Overflow

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