Hitachi now using NR in their IoT platform? This is big!

Nick, you mentioned in passing here about ‘our friends over at Hitachi’, then hunted for what you mentioned, and found this announcement, where you are also quoted.

Firstly, well done to Hitachi, well done to you Nick!

The article also mentions “This need led to the creation and contribution of Flow Connection Gateway which manages this communication between systems“, what does this refer to, and will this be published as Node/s on flows?

Nick, any other surprises of the popularity of Node-RED in the making?:crazy_face:


Well, Node-red is possibly the best software ever created, better late than never, glad some big players are catching up :wink:

Hitachi have been closely involved with the project for over three years. They have made many contributions and continue to do so. As they are all based in Japan, they are active in the Node-RED Japan User Group and don't spend as much time in this english-language forum.


That's awesome. I stand corrected.