If I were thinking about migrating from Huginn to Node-Red, what would be your advice?

I have been running Huginn for awhile and it works good but it is not as active as the Code-Red project and support seems hard to get.

Also it is in Ruby which makes it a hot potatoe, I think. Java seems to be a more lasting tech.

Anyway, what be your advice?

Huginn is much more like IFTTT and is much less visual. It is more focused on creating connections between cloud applications.

Whereas Node-RED is a more generic code platform. It is focused on enabling low-code development of compute tasks with a large (but certainly not exclusive) focus on IoT.

Also Node-RED is Javascript not Java. JavaScript is generally more approachable than Ruby in my view if only because more people have been exposed to it through HTML. Certainly I've found in the past that Node.js (server-side JavaScript that Node-RED uses as its platform) much easier to work with than Ruby across multiple platforms. But maybe that's just me. At the least, the fact that you are using the same language for the back-end as the front-end means that there is only 1 language to learn, that's what attracted me to Node.js in the first place and I was using that long before I discovered Node-RED.

Node-RED is a great way to get some compute logic going without having to worry about a load of boilerplate code (getting a web server going, handing errors, linking functions and modules and so on).

Just dive in and have a play.

It helps if you have a project in mind - something to solve really helps with figuring stuff out.

@Steve-Mcl, Yes I agree. I would probably start with migrating some of our existing Webhook from Huginn.

How would I go about starting a webhook flow?

Work though the http endpoints & http requests examples in the cookbook

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