Home bridge and no response

Hello Everybody,

I currently have a small configuration with homebridge , homebridge mqtt and node red.

Yesterday I tried to add a new sonoff device to homebridge and shortly after this everything fell apart and all the devices on my homekit had the "no response" issue.

After deleting the accessories and persist folders and changing the name of the bridge in the config.json file I can only then reconnect to the homebridge via my iphone.

I have now noticed that the Homekit app has become a lot less responsive.

Could anyone provide some knowledge about this issue?

I know this is the nodered forum but I'm sure lots of you are using homebridge.

Thank you in advance


How did you add the accessory?
Post the response you have got.

I add an accessory by sending a JSON object to Homebridge mqtt.

post the add json and the response json.

note: have a look at the homebridge-mqtt doc and the wiki.

Hello Guys thank you for the suggestions.

I added the mDNS interface option in the config.json file and the problem as gone but I suspect there is still an issue somewhere.

For instance when I get home and open Apple Home on my Iphone it will take a few seconds for Apple Home to connect to the bridge.

If I every figure it out ill post it here.


I figured out that it is my second WiFi router that is causing the issue. When I turn it off the no response issue disappears.

This second WiFi router is simply there to extend my WiFi reception, but it is a reused DSL modem so there are some settings that might be conflicting with the main WiFi router.

Could anyone recommend what settings should be turned off.

I have disabled the DHCP server for ipv6 and ipv4 on the second router



So the no response problem came back.... seems like the issue is somewhere else.

I have followed this which shows how to force an IP address to the bonjour service by editing the Service.js file.

Apple Home is working once again and ill post any updates related to this issue here.


So changing the information in the Service.js file did not competently get rid of the problem...
But I now figured out what was the issue.
I moved apartments 2 months ago and the router I have in my room was causing troubles with the internet router, something with the default gate way...
Anyways, I borrowed another router from my friend and now Homekit responds instantly.
The router I was using was not an off the shelf one but rather a router provided by the ISP, this router also did not have a "Bridge" option. I just turned off the DHCP sever setting and set a static IP and thought that was all but I guess there was something else or I setting I did not have access to.
Just incase someone has this issue this could be the reason.