Homekit and Deployment

Hello all,

I am having an annoying issue with NodeRedand the Homekit app, when I make a change to a flow and deploy that changen the homekit node becomes unresponsive to inputs and outputs within the flow. But if I send a command from my phone it appears just below the Node but the output will not be generated to for instance the debug window.

The only way to regain responsiveness is to reboot the entire system,

Has anyone experienced this issue?


which homekit node are you using?

node-red-contrib-homekit-bridged? Known issue/behaviour. For every change you have to do a full deploy as the nodes correspond with virtual versions of physical devices. So far there's no solution yet, beyond the deploy and restarting the flows...

As an option have a look at:


I'm using homebridge-mqtt for three years now.
The best benefit you can use the core nodes mqtt-in and mqtt-out.

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Homebridge-mqtt is the best invention since sliced bread (for homekit)!

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Thanks for this information.

Homebridge-mqtt looks interesting, Ill check it out.


Thanks so much for the information. Homebridge-mqtt made everything super smooth.

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