Home Lighting Zone Management System

Hi all

I've been working on what I consider to be a really cool project: a Node-RED Home Automation lighting management system.

Youtube video here



  • Management of light "fixtures", "zones", and "scenes"
  • NR Dashboard user interface which auto-populates sliders, colour pickers, and scene selection buttons based on which fixtures are in the given zone we are controlling
  • Front-end management of the system (i.e. from NR Dashboard), where you can create zones, assign fixtures to zones etc.
  • All config info stored into context (home.light.config)
  • Light circuits or fittings (or individual bulbs in the case of e.g. Philips Hue) are called Fixtures
  • Fixtures, zones, and mappings are 3 sections under the "manage lighting" tab
  • Scene management is done as part of this, but UI for scenes (add/remove scene, populate or set scene colours or light levels) will be under the tab where lighting controls for a given zone are. This enables e.g. family members to create / update / delete lighting scenes for that zone, on the fly. (Buttons are updated dynamically so user can test their new scene and tweak quickly)


  • Add fixture (user specifies ID, location, type, control type)
  • Includes form validation and checking for duplicate IDs with feedback
  • Show list of existing fixtures, with delete button to remove one
  • Delete fixture also removes associated fixture-to-zone mappings
  • Automatically update list when add/remove happens
  • Upon creation of fitting, current settings (i.e. light level or RGB) are generated with default vals according to fitting type (RGB / RGBW etc)


  • Add zone (user specifies zone ID, name)
  • Form validation / check for duplicate IDs with feedback
  • 3D table of zones
  • each row is a zone. Delete button removes zone and any fixture-to-zone mappings
  • each row shows existing mappings, each having its own button to remove
  • this enables user to view and delete mappings from the zone view

Assign fixture to zone

  • Select from list of fixtures, and list of zones, to assign a fixture to a zone
  • Form validation (in case of existing mapping) with feedback
  • List showing all mappings with delete button to "unassign" (although this can be done from the zone view)

Scene Management

  • This is done under the control template for each individual zone

Light control interface

  • To be displayed on e.g. a tablet mounted on the wall in a given zone. Or just on your mobile device. Or you can interface with any other controller you like. For example I'll be using my own homemade scene controller wall boxes with multiple scene buttons that will correspond to the first 5 scenes you create.
  • Easily remove the scene management section, if you prefer not to have this option in your zone controller

Code in next post...

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Ooops, hit the 32000 character limit so can't post the flows here! Is there another sensible place to put this?

Perhaps on flows ... this uses a GitHub gist for your flow.


Or your own GitHub repository...
Would love to see your UI in screenshots :hugs:

Nice front end control. Please look at https://flows.nodered.org/flow/7a5147b61835690f470247d0f514d9b8.



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Hi Matt @hazymat
Did you ever manage to find somewhere to post your flow as the screen shots look awesome ??

Here's the code on github: https://github.com/hazymat/Node-RED-lighting-management @dynamicdave

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