Homedig2 - "The home Digital Twin" project: six principles for design

1st I want to thank all that helped me on my journey at playing with stuff I did not know about prior to 2016.

With the community's help, I have had many incarnations of home automation systems on Node-RED, none as elaborate and beautiful as some of the projects published here - thinking of Julian @TotallyInformation and others.

I was constantly thinking of the problems faced by big businesses in bringing disparate systems together, and tried to apply the principles I learnt during those days to something I call "home digital twin" or for short homedig2.

See the principles - that eminated from the problems of running a home automation system on Node-RED for 3 years, before I recrafted the solution the last 2 years, published on my new blog, on https://iotplay.org, post "IoTPlay's home digital twin Solution - design principles, and why".

Redesign Principles for a more maintainable solutions.

We ended up with six principles that guided us in our top-to-bottom re-design of the solutions that runs our house. They are:

  1. Improve Continous Development & Integration practices of the solution.
  2. IoT Devices Central vs. Local Control to a mandate.
  3. Not configuring IoT Devices in Node-RED flows, but rather in a settings file.
  4. A standardised communications Protocol.
  5. Standardising storage structure of all IoT device events and information.
  6. Separate loosely coupled systems integrated trhough a message bus

Enjoy! What do you think?

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