Homekit-bridged has 2 outputs

Hi, I've foud an issue closed with the same topic but I couldn't figure out myself a reason yet why there are 2 outputs, passthrough is disabled. One is marked "on set", the other "on change". Honestly I don't mind to know how type of command user generated, I just need only one output with all kind of output, to reduce the number of lines/wires. How? Should I connect both of them? Will in this case the output message come duplicated? thank you

I've connected both outputs to debug node, actually I'm figuring out 2 types of answers:
msg.payload.On: false

(that can be also)

and this, different standard, it confuses me a lot and it akes my functions more complicated to deal with both standars:
msg.on: false

I suppose the second is on the output "on change", but will I be sure I can consider only the "on set" output to have all commands I generate from mobile?
Thank you

Just to report infos also here,

seems the second output with changes only has different format, I'm using the first output only

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