Hooks removal from node

How can i disable any hook from a node or remove the hook?

bBy 'hook' do you mean a wire attached to another node? If so, click on the wire (it should turn orange) and hit the delete key.

If that is not what you meant by 'hook' please explain a bit more.

there are some events in node red like onsend, onreceive. these events can be used for customization. can we anyhow disable these events/hooks?

@Techie do mean the hooks described here: Hooks API : Node-RED ?

Is your requirement to prevent anything from registering hooks in the runtime and to disable the hooks api entirely? That isn't possible today - and doing so would break some nodes/plugins that rely on them. Can you expand on why you want to do this?

Yes, Hooks api I was talking about. I want to govern or control around customization what nodes can be extended or not..

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