How can I add credential into my test function (Node-red-node-test-helper)?

Hi all,

First, I have a created node and it use credential value.

Normally, the credential is from input from screen.

Now I want to test, if I use invalid token with my request to destination server. It should return error 401.

How can I add credential into my test function (Node-red-node-test-helper)?

Additional, I am not sure about characteristics of the data credentials that must be assigned to test function.

Below is main operation function of my created node.

function NodeLineNotify(config) {
        RED.nodes.createNode(this, config);
        this.accessToken = this.credentials.token;   <--- This line get credential section from input 
        this.message = config.message;
        this.useExternalData = config.useExternalData;

Below is my test function

it("error token", (done) => {
        const flow = [
                id: "n1", 
                type: "node-line-notify", 
                name: "node-line-notify", 
                message: "test", 
                useExternalData: true, 
                useImageUrl: false, 
                useImageFile: false, 
                useSticker: false, 
                wires: [["n2"]] 
            { id: "n2", type: "helper" }
        helper.load(nodeLineNotify, flow, () => {      <--- I am not sure about characteristics credential data for send into this function
            const n1 = helper.getNode("n1");
            const n2 = helper.getNode("n2");

            n1.on("call:error", (err) => {
                should.equal(err.lastArg.status, 401);
                should.equal(err.lastArg.payload, "Invalid access token");
            n1.receive({ payload: "test" });

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