How can I change the flow view in javascript?

Hi everybody!

I'm configuring some data in 2 different flows, and my goal is to change my flow when the user clicks in a button, is it possible to do that inside a function?

Thanks in advance!

I would imagine so.

I apologize, my question was not understandable or is it not possible to change the flow?

what do you mean by "change the flow"

I want to change my user's view to another flow without him having to go to the navbar to select

Just to clarify - do you mean in the Node-RED editor (where users create their flows), you want to be able to change the tab being shown?

Or is this related to Node-RED Dashboard?

Where is that button shown? Is it part of a flow? Or some custom UI element you are adding to the editor?

If you do mean the dashboard then all you need to do is use the ui-control node and send the name of the "TAB" you want to switch to.

So if using a button, set the button payload to the name of the tab you want, and feed that into the ui-control node.

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