How can I increase the number of widget boxes per group (currently 30)?

I found out that I can't expand a group width to more than 30 "widget boxes". I want to do a kind of control panel with a system schematics as a background image and a number of gauges and LEDs and so on and that would need 50 boxes.
I can set the group width in pixel to more than (number of widget boxes * widget width in pixel) and that is realised in the dahboard but I can't populate the so added free space on the right with further widgets because I can't move widgets there due to the limit of 30 in the dahboard layout editor.
How can I do that?
Or can I enter the layout in text somwhere?

Thanks a lot


I also would like > 30. Large high-resolution monitors 'waste' a lot of space on left / right margins with this limitation.


Well generally we'd recommend putting multiple group side by side so that if you did happen to view on a smaller monitor they could re-lay themselves out ...
but if you insist - you can double click on the width number and it will become a text entry box and you can type in whatever you want

Hi dceejay,
thanks for the quick reply.
I found this option too and tried it, but for me it leads to the layout editor showing only a blank page so I can't move my widgets. Any options around this?

Thanks a lot

not really - the layout editor can't handle it. You can just use the dashboard sidebar and rearrange the order that way.

Hi dceejay,

thanks for that hint. I tried it and it works also for > 30 boxes.

I think I will end up like in the good old times with a squared paper and a pencil :wink:




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