Problem with Layout when width greater than 30

Hi all,

this topic is to mention the exact same problem as what is described here :

I see exactly the same layout trouble, as soon as I set a column width greater than 30 .

In my case the plan is to display a table using nearly full display width, so using mulptiple gorups is not an option....

Did anyone find a workaround ?

Thanks !

You can try to change unit size bigger so the needed amount of units per direction becomes smaller. It can have some side effects but it all depends what kind of widgets you are using so can't tell.

Just play with numbers to figure out what will be the best.

Next options will be to migrate from dashboard to ...

If you click on the width number you can get a spinner and change it to whatever you want rather than use the graphical ui that stops at 30

Thanks, that's what I did in the end


Actually I had no problem to set a width greater than 30, it's just the layout of widgets which does not work well after 30 , as shown in the picture from the other linked topic :

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