How do I find a node on my machine?

I'm on a quest.

In the left of the screen I see a node. Alas its name isn't congruent with what it really is.

How do I find this node in the CLI?
I want to go in and edit it. I have done this before but can't remember back that far to where it is.

Well, you may feel it's name is incongruous, but with out sharing it, you are limiting our ability to point you in a definitive direction.

It might be a core node. It might be a contrib node you've installed. We dont know.

Assuming it isn't a core node, then it will most likely be under ~/.node-red/node_modules.

Sorry. Not it is not a core node.

It is ..... from:

PiFace CAD.

Ok, so start with ~/.node-red/node_modules/node-red-contrib-pifacecad

(Big blush... )

Guess what.... You are right. (When aren't you?)

Oh dear. Sorry. Just in the edit screen it is just called pfc_lcd and that is for what I was searching. Silly me.

To stop me making the same mistake again, is there a way I can edit the code so it shows up in the edit screen as pifacecad?
Scratch that. I am looking and I think that would require a lot of work.

I think I had just better write it down on a piece of paper.

Or you could just use the palette manager, search for pfc_lcd and would have found the package in question. :wink:

Yes, but the node name - which I now know has to be set to something - wasn't pfc_lcd. It was just display.

So when I opened it and saw "display", it threw me.

The package + registered node name is also displayed in the palette tooltip. (checked on NR 1.1)

I know now.

I hope I don't repeat the mistake in the future.

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