How do I find my IP address to use node-red on Windows?

I just finished installed Node-RED on Windows, and tried the flow but now I want to use it from another computer, unfortunately, I can't access the flow. do I have to work on the programming to be able to share the flow between the users or do I just need to find my IP address?

You will need to find the IP address of the system running Node RED.

For Node RED Server

http://IP Address:1880

For Node RED Dashboard (after installing using Palette Manager)

http://IP Address:1880/ui


You may also need to set you firewall to allow connections to port 1880. (Do not just turn off firewall completely)

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for example, my IP address is


that means my IP address is ?

That is your localhost address. Search - 'Windows (version) find IP Address'

This shows you how to find the windows machine's ip address.

It makes sense to ensure that the computer which runs node-red always has the same IP address even after a reboot. The best way to do that is to reserve the address in your router admin settings.

Actually, I just tried it on my new PC and I didn't need to change the incoming firewall which was a surprise.

You may find that you have multiple IP addresses. Generally (with some exceptions if you are working on an enterprise network), any starting with 172.x.x.x can be ignored. Most home networks will be on 192.x.x.x, occasionally you may find yourself on a 10.x.x.x network. If you are at work, those are still the most common local networks but you may be on others.