How do I find "who" sent a message?

I thought I had my bases covered, but it seems I don't.

Today I was looking at a log and it has all these invalid enterys.

This is the message received:

{"topic":"CONTROL","_msgid":"e56a1d18.43cc1","_event":"node:a1ee133f.f91cc","filename":"/media/pi/9020-9C27/events/health.db","time":"2020-08-05 07:39:29","payload":"undefined CONTROL > STOP <","ttl":0,"_queuetimestamp":1596577170235,"_queueCount":0}

It shouldn't be getting to this point.

The signal is for a gate node I use. I have gone back through the flow and can't see why it is happening.

Thanks in advance.

Does that come from a debug node? If so then the node it is connected to is the one that sent the message.

:frowning: Drats.

Ok. Thanks.

I'll dig further.

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