How do I *invite* someone into a conversation - and who wants to anyway?

I am having a long protracted talk with the other person in the thread titled:
Value through switch permanently

Yes, I really got off to a bad start and finally got the intention a long way into it.
Shoulda/coulda done it faster. But it is what it is.

AFAIK, the code works for the desired functioning, but the other person says it doesn't.

For my mental sanity would someone else mind taking a look in the thread?

Towards the end I posted the working version for testing.
Post 61.

The idea is that the switches get their names from the message (long story).
The switch controls if the value is passed onwards to be shown on a chart.
Switch on passed. Switch off nothing is sent.

The inject injects a test block with 4 messages.

It works as best I can see to what is described, but if you read on the other person is saying it isn't. Yet I can't see how/why.

Thanks very much in advance if you do as it is a big ask.
But I am trying to fall forward as much as possible and also to help others.

I have asked a lot of help and recently cried Wolf a couple of times. (I don't like it when that happens, but....)

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