How do I know which node is making this complaint?

Sorry folks.

As the regulars may have noticed:
I've been away.

I'm kinda back and playing catch up with things.

This error/warning happened just now and I don't know how to find out from whom it comes.


It is coming from a node of type q-gate with a name of qgate.

Yeah, sorry.

Alas there are a few of them. :frowning:

I was wanting to try and find the one which I goofed in configuring.

I guess I am going to have to sit down and do the hard yards and check them all.

Whilst you spend that time checking each one, consider updating their names to be more unique to help you in the future.

Yes, I do agree in hind sight.

It is just they are so...... used.
I guess I will just have to append a number to each one.

At a push it will at least give them unique names.

You are probably better not to name them at all if you are not giving them unique names, then at least they will display the id. Unless in a subflow that is, so name all nodes in subflows uniquely.

Ok, thanks.

I am not sure why they have names.

But thanks.

I may actually go that way.

Hello T2L,

if you check the debug panel in the administration panel you usually can click on the node, which is reported. Do you know this? Does it work for you as well?

Nevertheless, unique names make a lot of sense! :slight_smile:


Yeah, thanls.

I think there is a bit of confusion though.

I had to stop / start node-red. Done from the CLI as shown.

I stupidly put a generic name in the node - dunno why - and so when it was starting one of them got an error - well: wrong kind of control message.

Because I made the name rather generic it didn't help.

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