Node names, "conflicts" and finding nodes used

Yes, shame on me for not paying more attention.

I have (alas) got myself where I have two three kinds of node that do similar things.

In vein, I am hoping I haven't used all three types.

But I can't (don't seem able) to copy the names (eg: node-red-contrib-msg-queue) and search for it. no results.
For all three.

Kinda defeats the purpose of search if you ask me.

What am I missing to find out (or more so: actually find) a given node type and make them all the one kind?

node-red-contrib-msg-queue is the name of the module - not the name of any individual node.

Below the module name is a button: > 2 nodes

Click that and it will expand out a list of the nodes provided by the module. You can then search for those individual types to see where they are used.

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