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Hello, in node red tabs only one node will be used and the other node created will remain non-functional. For example, let there be a node named node a in the system, and the other added node a should not be used. what is the way to do this? So I don't want to have n nodes named a. Or let me ask the question this way. How do I know how many nodes have been created?

Could you be clearer :thinking:

You can disable a node by going to Manage Palette - once disabled, this node will no longer appear in the left bar.

with counter incremented by RED.nodes.eachNode

Are you developing a node or is this a question related to default nodes? You added the function-node tag.

I think I added the wrong place. Yes, I'm creating a node.

Do you want each node to have a different name?

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Why would your users not use the node in the flow?
If you are using a Node as some sort of Configuration, then you need to define a configuration Node.

If a node in the flow is not designed for users to interact with - you really need to be using Config Nodes.

As mentioned by @GogoVega its not really clear what you are trying to achieve.
If you want to know if a node is not being used - Simply don't try and engineer it, its for the user to manage their estate.

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