Remove & replace "counter"

I want to use " contrib-counter" not "counter". Can not remove counter. Cannot rename a node.
Using a laptop with Unbuto. Will move to a Pi later. v0.20.5

When you say remove a node, can you explain what you are doing and what happens?

node-red-contrib-counter will show in the sidebar with the name 'counter'

Top right corner there are three bars that brings down a menu.
"Manage palette"
"Palette":::::::"Nodes" & " "Install"
Nodes: list all the nodes installed.
Install: allows installing new (about 2000) and removing old.

I can install 'timed-counter' then remove it. I can not remove any of the default nodes. I understand they must not be in use before I can remove them.
I get a message (on remove) that I may need to restart node-red for the action to happen. But the node disappears with out restarting. (if it was made by a user)
I can not install a new "counter" because "you already have...."

I do not have the education to make a "counter-2" with the guts copied out of the counter.
I do not know this operating system well and am scared to go delete files.

There is no 'default node' called 'counter'.

You can have more than ne 'counter' node installed so if you want to install node-red-contrib-counter and us it, install it an use it.

If you want to use it more than once, just drag it onto the page as many times as you want.

p.s. when saying "I want to remove the counter node" help us all out by giving the full name like "I want to remove node-red-contrib-counter and install node-red-contrib-timed-counter" - however, you could keep them both installed...

Sorry I do not know the vocabulary yet.
My Node-Red came with "ttb-node-red-counter".
I want to use "node-red-contrib-counter".
When I go to install (add) "node-red-contrib-counter" it gives me an error "This module cannot be installed as it includes a node type that has already been installed. Conflicts with ttb-node-red-counter"
I would like to keep then both.

I noticed, from internet searches that I should be using:
"npm install node-red-contrib-counter"
I tried that and had problems mostly because I don't understand the operating system and where folders are. The method I use (see above) works well as long as there is not a name conflict.

where did you get your node-red from?
what platform are you using? (raspberry pi? windows?)
What operating system? (raspibian, windows, macOS etc)
what version of node-red and node.js? (look at the node-red startup log)

if you are on a pi, open terminal window and enter:

cd .node-red 
npm remove ttb-node-red-counter
npm install node-red-contrib-counter

Looks as if they are using
any issues with the nodes that they supply really should be directed back to thethingbox support

Old Laptop/ Ubuntu Linux/ Mozilla FireFox/ Node-red V0.20.5
I think I got Node-Red from
Can't find the startup log.

Maybe I should move this to the Pi.

If it’s not on a thingbox install then the ttb node is something that you installed, it isn’t something that Node-RED has ever come with.

If it says there is a conflict between the two nodes, then you won’t be able to install them both.

If you choose to go with the contrib one you need to delete any counter nodes you have deployed, delete any configuration nodes associated with them and the delete the ttb counter node. After that you can the install the contrib node.

Thanks for the help. I have things working on a Pi now. (mostly working)

You are right. I installed again and "counter" was not one of the 48 nodes that came up. So I had to have installed it.

Now I have Node-Red running on my laptop and running on a Raspberry Pi. They look the same. They both have Raspberry Pi nodes. I did not install them!

On the laptop I installed "node-red-counter" first and can not remove it.
On the Pi I installed "contrib-counter" first.

On both machines I can not have two counters! There is a "conflict".

They both have Raspberry Pi nodes. I did not install them!

The installer actually asked you if you wanted the Pi nodes and you said yes.

Yes the Pi nodes are still part of the default. Obviously they don’t work on a pc but do let you view and edit a flow locally that you could then move to a pi. ( and they show status so you can turn the pins on and off to test)

As far as I can see there is no node called "node-red-counter" so that is probably why you cannot delete it.
Have a look in the file package.json in your .node-red folder and you may find what you actually installed there.

Sorry, I should have been more specific. You are right, you can't have two nodes named the same thing and because iof this, most node have individual names. If you go to the flows tab on this site, you will find 5 nodes with 'counter' in their name. You should be able to install all five with no problem (If their function is what you need)

No it did not. I just installed on another computer just to check.

Some how I did remove ttb-node-red-counter. (not certain how) I can install/un-install 4 out of 5 counters. I get a "conflict" between ttb-node-red-counter and node-red-contrib-counter. This is fine with me. I will use contrip-counter in both places. That solves the problem. Thanks for the help.

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