Removing Nodes from node red in homeassistant

I am very new to node-red and I'm using it inside of HomeAssistant for some automations.
I was wanting to install this node red logic package but it says conflict and wont let me install it. it says it conflict with node-red-contrib-counter

when i search for that node in my palette to try and remove it all it says is Disable.

When I disable it, i still get that conflict message and am unable to install the node red logic package.
how can i remove that counter node so I can install the node red logic package

It is bad form for node authors to include nodes called by common names for this very reason. You could try reaching out to both authors to inform them of the issue. "counter" is far too common a word and is bound to eventually cause name clashes.

If I remember correctly, you are not getting a remove button because of the way the node has been installed. I believe it is installed in a place where the palette manager cannot remove it - probably because of permissions I expect.

You will have to uninstall the counter node manually. You may wish to check your installation because I suspect that you have installed nodes using sudo (if on Linux) or as an admin (if using Windows). This is likely to cause ongoing issues if so.

Or you are using the node in your flows.

It tells you if it is in use somewhere.

OK, I am using homeassistant and have added Node-Red as an add on to HomeAssistant, so I'm not exactly sure how to manually uninstall nodes, can you help me?
I'm running HomeAssistatn on an Odroid (not sure if that helps, sorry I'm new to this and I know just enough to fumble my way through things)

Ah, sorry, I missed that. I'm afraid I can't help as I don't use HA at all.

That is true, I missed that.

If you can find how to get into a command shell in the node-red container in HA then go to the folder where the flows file is and you should be able to run
npm remove node-red-contrib-counter
then restart node red and refresh the browser page.

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