How do I set up Rollertrol with RFXtrx?

I have the address for my Rollertrol setup, BLINDS_T0/0x3939. And then of course there's the curtain number. But still I'm not really sure about the formatting. I tried this in a function node, injecting a timestamp as the trigger:

msg.device = "BLINDS_T0/0x3939/2";
msg.method = "close";
return msg;

But it did nothing. So can somebody please tell me the correct syntax for this?

The syntax is generally

msg.topic =
msg.payload =

But I don't have controlled blinds. The author isn't often on the forums, but is very responsive to issues on github if you can't get it to work

It also might be that Rollertrols are not yet supported

ukmoose, that was it, thanks! :slight_smile:
Hi, Walter! :slight_smile: Long time! :wink: It is supported. It can even read the info from the remote, I just needed to find the correct syntax for it.

@Mastiff - are your blinds working OK now? The RFXTRX node standard is that the device address goes in msg.topic, the command in msg.payload.

I am still lurking on here most days, even though I haven't contributed anything recently. And I monitor the github issues, as I get an automatic email each time there is any input there.

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Hi, Max! Yeah, I managed to get it working, thanks! The annoying thing (about the RFXtrx, not the node) is that it can't take signals in (at the same time as supporting protocols). I am trying to get the Roller Trols working with my Tellstick Duo to do that, because with my earlier system (but far less stable) of using EventGhost for the hardware I used the input signal from the Tellstick to turn on the power to the blinds when I pressed a button on the remote control. I know it's possible to control what protocols the Tellstick should use, but I can't find my way back to the right place. :blush:

Hey Mastiff, just getting into HomeAssistant here and wondering how you got your RFXtrx to control your Rollertrol blinds with the RFX? Can you share your final config and how you got them setup? Mostly trying to figure out how to find the channels for each one

I'm afraid you won't get much out of it, since I only control them from EventGhost via NodeRED, not via HomeAssistant. But this is the code that worked:

msg.topic = "BLINDS_T0/0x3939/2";
msg.payload = "close";
return msg;

You can use a variable on the topic, of course.

Got it working!
For reference this is how I got rollertrol shade motors to work with HA directly:

  1. In windows, flash the Type 1 firmware
  2. In windows, connect to it with RFX Manager and select BlindsT0
  3. Click each one of your remotes that you have blinds attached and write down those ids.
  4. Create a device like below 0919000300 + ID from remote + Unit # from remote 1-8 + 0000. Last hex values are the open/close/stop commands that HA will automate for you through RFX. May need a template to reverse the open/close arrows.
  - platform: rfxtrx # 0919000300 | ID | UNIT | 0000
        name: "Living Room Shade - Left"
        name: "Living Room Shade - Right"
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