SOLVED: ELRO AB400 power switch 433 MHz // RFXtrx

Hi guys,

I have an ELRO AB440S switch, 433 MHz, not exactly new anymore, but similar types seem still to be very common. They are cheap.
On the device you set a "System Code" and a "Unit-Code" via 10 DIP switches. Mine is set to "30" (5 possible switches 0..31) and "B" (one out of 5 possible switches)
I managed to switch the device via "Tinkerforge" hardware (nice stuff, check it out!) as a "Type A Switch" with given "House Code" (30) and "Receiver Code" (B). I also have an RFXtrx USB RF transceiver.
Then I found node-red-contrib-rfxcom.
rfx-lights come to the rescue! This is the node I need!
The topic is in my case ELRO/H/11 with payload On/Off.
H and 11??? Why that? Well, ... my setting of DIP-Switches on the device

Syst.|Unit - 
   30|    B

is translated (according to the table in the RFXtrx documentation) to


The 4 DIP switches 1...4 define (0000) A ... (1111) P, the 5 DIP switches 5, A ... D define (00000) 1 ... (11111) 32

Took me a while to figure this out. Thanks to maxwellhadley!


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