How do I suppress standard Alexa responses to hear custom responses

I use the Alexa nodes to query my home automation system and it works quite well, but in this case no matter how I word the question I always get some standard response rather than just my custom response.
In my flow, everything which has Alexa, what is... gets routed to a switch, then looks for contains...
In this case, its looking for car status. I just want it to tell me how much my car has been charged. But I have tried everything I can imagine, like asking car solar charge, EV6 charge, car status and lots more. I always get a standard response from Alexa. That I want to suppress, so it only speaks my text.
So the problem isnt really in the flow (Otherwise I would have pasted it here)

This is what the debug shows, maybe that makes it clearer

sync : msg : Object


payload: object

data: object

conversionDetails: object

deviceType: "x"

creationTimestamp: 1692698096426

deviceSerialNumber: "x"

name: "Study"

description: object

alexaResponse: "Mike, Currently, traffic on your commute looks quite clear. The fastest route takes about 1 hour 12 minutes via A127 and A13."

destinationUserId: "x"

text: "the car has been charged 0 kilowatt hours"

device: "Study"

So, I want her to speak the text, but not the alexaResponse

You could use the Q&A skill, explained here -

Create a unique response for each of your "questions" eg checking car charge Then watch for "checking car charge" to trigger your text to speak the result.

That solution will not work in my case. I am constructing a custom answer with a global variable in node red. So the answer I want is "the car has been charged" + my global variable + "kilowatt hours". I could not do that in the Alexa skill. Next problem I could only have 7 custom responses, I use more already.
What I am looking for is a blueprint for suppressing the alexaResponse in selected cases.

I use the Q&A Blueprint for my room-aware commands with Alexa. Don't try to put your variable response within the blueprint, just put a simple response like "ok". Then use Node Red to generate your custom response.

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