Useful Skill for Alexa custom notifications


This Alexa skill looks to be useful for sending custom notifications from node red to Alexa:


Alexa compatible motion sensor emulation

Works like a charm. I activated the skill and then I used a simple Inject->HTTP Request->Debug. I put the entire message into the URL and boom, Alexa signaled I had a notification and when I said “Alexa read notifications” she did.

If I get some time, I may try to write a node to do this where the msg.payload would be what you want Alexa to say and you would put your access key into the node….



Yes, I tried it using the same method. A dedicated node would be wonderful!



Actually a simple change node works well too:

In this flow a Global variable holds the Access Code:



@ghayne Brilliant!! no need for a dedicated node!



However...this exposes your access code to anyone if you export tthe flow and send it to them...A dedicated node might still be best, what do you think?



Is my Access Code in the flow I shared?



No, I was just thinking about the possibility of forgetting (not that that is someting I ever do...umm at least I don't remember doing it) to remove the change node that stores it.

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In that case yes, a dedicated node would be better for sharing flows :slight_smile:



I’ve not diug into it but this node may be useful

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Looks interesting @dceejay , but on reflection credentials stored in a Global variable are also safe from being exported, or am I wrong?



Yes as long as you don’t export the node that sets it in the first place

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Well usingnode-red-contrib-credentials the access Code is not exported when you export that node, but it is visible in the editor (original site) when you open the node or if you use the Context Data tab in the sidebar.

It is not like a password where once you enter it, it is not displayed anymore.

How do people feel about the Access Code being visable to anyone who uses the editor and looks at the nodes or Contex Data?



Not good. Apologies for diverting the thread.



Ok I give up. I'm not a coder - I'm a debugger (did tech support for many many years).

I struggled thru the online classes quite awhile ago and have forgotten everything since and after three hours of trying to remember things I'm done. I've sent a PM to one of the other members of the forum asking if they could whip it up.



Hey guys (@ghayne, @zenofmud, @dceejay),

I have just published version 1.0.0 of node-red-contrib-alexa-notifyme. This node is a great mix of the following ingredients, which you can only find on a great open-source community like Node-RED:

  • A great idea from Garry
  • A basic node skeleton from 'one of the other members of the forum '
  • A pull-request and lots of test efforts from Paul

That is all you need folks ...
And of course an Amazon device, otherwise you are screwed (just like me) :wink: