How many clients can connect to the websocket server?

Hello dear node-red masters,

I'm just asking for confirmation. I am testing how many clients can connect to the websocket server. According to my observations, each websocket server accepts a maximum of 232 clients. Is it true?

I am not aware of any hard limits being set.

In case someone with more knowledge comes along, they may wish to know how node-red is running and some other system info e.g:

  • Node-RED running on OS / docker / container / VM?
  • Node-RED version?
  • NodeJS version?
  • OS + OS Version that Node-RED is running on (e.g. windows desktop 11, windows server 2019 / Ubuntu 22.04 / Alpine image Vxxx)
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What you say is true. I tried this on another node red device (on Docker) and over 1000 clients were able to connect.

A maximum of 232 nodes can be connected to Node-Red installed on Windows 11.

Node-Red version in Windows 11 = 3.1.0
Node-Red on Docker version = 3.1.1

I did suspect (desktop) windows might be involved. From memory, Windows (desktop) has a limit on concurrent TCP connections.

If you have access to Windows Server, I'd be interested to learn what number you get to.

Thank you for your interest. The node-red we use runs on docker. Actually there is no problem for now.

It certainly always used to have. Though I vaguely remember that you can change it manually. That was back in W10 days though, not sure if it is still true.

W10/W11 are desktop OS's and not designed to have large numbers of inbound connections.

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