How many ports can be used in Node-Red?

This is Madan Kumar. i have a query that how many Ports can be used in Node-Red? is there any restrictions? or only Multiple ports can be used?? will be waiting for your reply.

M.Madan Kumar.


What do you mean by ports?

TCP ports in the TCP nodes?
UDP ports in the UDP nodes?
The port node-red uses (typically 1880)?
The ports other ethernet based protocol nodes use?
What do you mean exactly?

The question is about Serial ports (they emailed me directly and I asked them to post here).

As I also replied, there are no restrictions in Node-RED that I am aware of over using multiple serial ports, and that it would take a couple minutes to test it to find out.

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Thanks for your reply,

i am asking about The port node-red uses (typically 1880)? can we use 4 multiple ports like 1880,1881,1882,1883.

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M.Madan Kumar.

You can configure what port Node-RED listens on in your settings file.

The runtime starts a single HTTP server on that port and it is used for the editor and HTTP In nodes.

I seem to remember someone created a set of http nodes that spin up their own HTTP server on a different port, but I can't find it on - so maybe I'm misremembering it.

The other option is to run multiple node-red instances, each on a different port.

I've previously mentioned adding it as an option to uibuilder but it hasn't made it to the top of the backlog as yet. The ability to quickly run up a separate ExpressJS server which is fully independent from the Node-RED app servers might be useful to a few people.

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