How serial port modify using HTTP protocol?

Hello everyone during the project implementation, the serial ports (COM1, com2,...) need to be configured using the HTTP interface, as shown in the figure.

Are there any nodes available?

I believe that the port cannot be changed without restarting or deploying node-red.

Though having said that can you explain what you mean by 'using the HTTP interface'.

Hi Colin the HTTP interface is only a way for the upper application to communicate with me. The serial port is set by passing JSON string through HTTP. Node red has an API, which should be able to realize the deployment problem you mentioned.

I'm also learning the node red API. I don't know how to use it yet.

What http interface and what is 'me' in that sentence.
Do you mean that you want to change the setting that is stored in the flow and then use the admin api to deploy it? If so then you need to look at the api as you say.

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