How to access context and do maths with a change node?

(Yes, I know... I've asked before.)

I've forgotten and can't remember any key words to search, so I have to ask.

I know I have to set the mode to the J (closest I can get to what the symbol is) but I can't remember the magic syntax for either flow or global variables.

Found it - typically after I posted the question:


You dont have to remember Andrew, its in the list of functions...


Or if you are using monaco editor, start typing, pick from list...


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After a lot of digging I did find/remember it.

The Problem with what you suggest is that I have to have SOME knowledge of the commands.

Otherwise it is a tedious search through all the commands to remember the one I want.
Brain failure sucks big time.

But thanks.

you knew you were looking for something to do with context. So just start typing (works in monaco editor)


no excuses. just try :slight_smile:

Well, that is kind of how I did it.

As I said: serious brain failure.

I have found another big bug with something I wrote and am now back peddling to fix that mistake.
(Ah, what's life with out some mistakes?) :wink:

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