How to add custom syntax checksum highlighting in the edit box

How to add custom syntax checksum highlighting in the edit box。

            this.editor = RED.editor.createEditor({
                id: 'node-input-schema-editor',
                mode: 'ace/mode/graphqlschema',
                value: $("#node-input-schema").val()

Mode does not know how to import library files that support GraphqlSchema.

We only provide a subset of the default ace modes and there is no way to add in other ones. But we have discussed providing the whole lot (which includes graphqlschema) - so we can look at doing that in 1.0

1.0 What time is it going to release?

Soon. Cannot give a final date but hopefully you've seen we're already doing beta releases for it.

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Where can I find some doc about the edit box?

What sort of documentation are you looking for? What do you want to do?

I'm implementing a set of nodes to interact with ArangodB graph database.
So I would like to write queries in an edit box (similar to that used in the function node) of the node which is connected with my db.
Firstly I tryied to use textarea with some issues.
Now I'm trying to use the same editor of function and template nodes but with no documentation support (i.e. about the schemas, the globals, the create parameters, ... ).
So I'm wondering if some even unofficial documentation is available about it.