How to add second page

I created a dashboard for the data from my Ecowitt sensor ....

I created this ui_base:


this ui_group:


and this ui_page:


Well, now I would like to create a second page like the first where be able to make changes (add round gauge, change vertical gauge ecc) and then choose the final one, but I don't understand where I can work to add this new page.
I did some test and I have lost the first page and now I have a new one white page;
I deleted the changes to have my first page again ....

Can you help me?

From that page config select chevron in ui selector input and click add new ui-page

I already did it and I lost my first page ....
because the new page replace the page1

Create a new group to so it can go in the new page.

Thank you very much ....

Yeah, the UI for config nodes in Node-RED has room for improvement.

Improvements to the Dashboard 2.0 experience should be going out in a new release today, which will include Sidebar: Add layout configs from the sidebar by joepavitt · Pull Request #681 · FlowFuse/node-red-dashboard · GitHub

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Thank you ....

Just installed the new version... so far it works like a charm!

Well done

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