Dashboard-2 How to add a new page

We start testing Dashboard 2 (Flowfuse). Love it after quick installation through Node-RED palette, especially the automatically adjustable layout based on screen/browser size.

Quick question: how to add a page? It is very easy for Dashboard 1. Just click on "adding a tab" on the dashboard 1, then a new tab is added (see picture below).
Add tab

In Dashboard 2, there is no option of "adding a page". We assume that the "page" is similar to "tab" concept in dashboard 2. We tried to add the "ui page" from a widget, but it is still single page (all widgets change the ui_page at the same time). Is there an easy and intuitive way to add a new page to Dashboard 2?

In any ui node, select create "new group" from the dropdown then click the [...] button, then in the "new group" you can select "new page" in the dropdown then click the [...] button

Yes it looks like user needs to create a new group, and then assign the new group to the new page to make it work. Spent half an hour on this to figure out, and then saw your post. This confirmed the procedure.
Unless user assigns a group to the page, the page does not show up.
Still not intuitive as Dashboard v1 yet.

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