Dashboard 2 Creating Pages & Groups

Hi there,

is there any way, using Dash2 to create pages, groups and themes up front before any work is started on the flow?


As far as I know, yes. Just import any DB2 node and then set up your group & page from within that node before constructing your flow.
Have you tried? what problem are you hitting?

Thanks for the reply.

I just want to setup all the pages & groups before I add any node to a flow.

I have a demo to give on Dashboard 2 & hoped to set those all up first.

I think you'll need to add some dummy content to groups to make it happen. Still, group sizes depend on content sizes so you cant have desired final layout according to sizes. But structure should be possible that way.

You should be able to add a UI node and add the groups and pages using that. Then delete the UI node again.

I've already suggested that above.

You could create your demo on a different nodered instance, export it, and import it on the instance where you are presenting. It will then create the original group & page.

I was pointing out that he could delete the ui node in order to get the point of having configured groups and pages without any ui nodes in the flow.

Thanks for everyones reply.

I will go down the route of adding a dummy node, setup the pages stuff, then delete the dummy node.



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