How to align the time in different charts in one dashboard?

I have data in several MYSQL tables. when I get the data out and plot to the charts, because the Timestamp in each table are not the same, the starting time and range are not the same.
newMsg.topic = "SELECT * from table1 where Time > '" + newTime + "' LIMIT 2000;";
newMsg.topic = "SELECT * from table2 where Time > '" + newTime + "' LIMIT 2000;";
Is there any way I can align the time of all chart? Thxchart

I haven't tried it, but if you add an extra sample to the end of the one that is behind, with a timestamp the same as the last one from the other chart then that will align the right hand sides. If you use a value of null then it won't actually draw the line to the end. Similarly you can do the same for left hand end by adding a null sample on the front.
As I said I haven't tried it but worth a go.

Thx but... Making fake data seems not right... 'Coz a line would be drawn to/from the fake points too.

Not if the fake data is null

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