How to catch this error?

I am using this library: node-red-contrib-cloud-firestore to connect with my firestore database.

It works pretty good, but sometimes I get some unexpected error:

As you can see, it's: Failed to start HTTP/2 stream.

I dont know how to solve this error and I was already asking on the GitHub page of the package for help, but they dont know eather.

Now I would like to catch this error and if the error is there, then my nodered should restart. But I dont know how to catch it? I was trying with msg.payload and msg.error, but it doesnt works.

Looks like its not an output of the node

How I can track this and then restart nodered?

Have you tried the Catch node to see if the error is catchable? That will depend on how exactly the node is logging the error.

I just tried it:


For the catch node I choose my subflow, but I dont get anything shown in the debugg node.

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