How to change storage path influxdb2

hello every one,
i'm running node-red with influxdb2 opcua connect to Siemen Plc, everything working good, but now i need to change the path to save my influxdb data, i installed influxdb using powershell, i don't know nothing about coding, i'm an electrician so please can someone write a config file and show where to put it

thank you in advance

What exactly do you mean by that? Do you mean how to configure influxdb to tell it where the database files should be? If so then why do you want to change it from the default?

If that is not what you mean then please explain in more detail.

Which node are you using to write to the db? Possibly node-red-contrib-influxdb.

hello Colin,
yes i want to tell it to save the database in another drive because my C drive is almost full, can you help me to do that please ?

i'm using influxdb out

for thta i understand now is saing here C:\Users\TD.influxdbv2 i wish to tell it to save on external drive called F

That isn't a node red question, it is influxdb. On linux systems the config file is /etc/influxdb/influxdb.conf, and the locations for the various file components can be found there. I don't use windows so don't know where it is on Windows, but no doubt googling for something like
Where is the influxdb configuration file on windows
will help you.

The answer is just an Internet search away:

This isn't a Node-RED question since, as Colin says, you change locations from InfluxDB settings.

sorry i tried every thing but nothing working i know i'mthe biggest problem
i'm searching for 1 week on internet but i don't know how to use what i found

Having tried the search I suggested I found

Which tells me that it has all changed with v2 of Influxdb, so you will have to follow the instructions linked there. I don't use v2, I am waiting for the next major release when they are hopefully reverting to sql type queries again.

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hello Colin
this night i tried this but i'm not sure that i completly working

.\influxd.exe --engine-path "F://InfluxData"

because now i see data stored in my external drive but i'm not sure that is not saving on C becausei still see Data on i say i'm good to write code i will perfom some test and see what happen

InfluxDB uses "sharding" so you may well find older shards still on your C: drive I would imagine. I've never looked into it though myself so I'm not certain.

i checked just now the amount of data in C is not changing on F wel

At this point, you will be better off going to the InfluxDB forum as people there should have more in-depth knowledge.