How to change the debug message language

I have a node-red instance running on a vm with Windows 10 where the language OS is set to Italian.
The debug node is returning error in the same language ( in my case Italian ).
Is there a way to change the debug node language to english?
My "View" language is alredy set to "English"

I'm not sure of the internals here, so could be incorrect but I think the View setting is for the editor labels, and isn't setting the language for the runtime, I think that is taken from the OS.

The error is originating from the Node runtime, and it will likely be using the OS language.

I set mine to Korean, and I still get the English language in debug (but labels in the editor are Korean)

unless a restart is needed to apply it to the runtime :man_shrugging:

As Marcus says, this is not a debug pane issue. The node generating the error is generating it, or is passing it on to you. Since that looks like a database error it may be the database driver that is providing it and nothing to do with node-red.

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Try adding process.env.LANG="en-US" to the very top of your settings.js file and restart Node-RED.

Adding "process.env.LANG="en-US"" do not change nothing.

The node that gives it is PostgreSQL but the database was installed in english.
I will try to change the SO language and check if it will fix mine problem

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