How to change the "Flow" tab label?

Hi! It is easy to change the tab's label from "Flow" to "Group"?
Thanks in advance

Hi @petrus and welcome! do you mean to change name?
flow: A flow is represented as a tab within the editor workspace and is the main way to organise nodes.
Note : The term "flow" is also used to informally describe a single set of connected nodes. So a flow (tab) can contain multiple flows (sets of connected nodes).

Thanks for the quick answer! yes, I would like to change the name, if possible :innocent:

Yes, for sure, it is possible:

archivo 4

I hope it helps you...

Can I change the default label value? So, once I click on the add button I will see automatically the label "Group 2", "Group 3", etc. I was searching for doing this through the i18n configuration, is that possible?

It is part of the i18n catalog, but you cannot easily change it without editing the core message catalog - and change that would be lost whenever you reinstalled or upgraded.

The relevant entry in the message catalog is this one: node-red/editor.json at 142176f194d6159ec37c0251b40d89c05689073a · node-red/node-red · GitHub

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