How to change the network interface default node-red chooses

by default node-red starts with the circled network interface (eno1) I would like it to start at (enp1s2)

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Node red does not know anything about the interfaces. Unless you are using a firewall node-red should be visible via either interface (at the appropriate ip address).

This is not completely correct Colin. The uiHost property in settings.js can be used to bind Node-RED to a specific interface by referencing the appropriate IP address.

Oh yes, I had forgotten that. @radjunior the default (with uiHost commented out in settings.js) is to respond to any port. If you only want it to respond on one then set it to the appropriate IP. So in your case
uiHost: ""
That will rely on the IP address being fixed of course.

@radjunior has that helped to answer your question?

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