How to change the position of inidividual nodes in dashboard

Hello. I have recently started playing with raspberry PI and nodeMCU devices. I am learning node-RED.

I cannot figure out how do I change position of the nodes in the dashboard. It seems like every node that I place creates a new line in the dashboard. How do I combine multiple nodes in a single line?


I want the Status with the switch to be on the same line as the text (Offline or Online) How do i modify that?

You can only adjust the order of groups. All groups are than placed from left to right. If the hight on the 2nd row don‘t immediately fits the group would be placed where is enough space. (Only observations from my side). This is called responsive layout to fit on as many devices as possible.
Inside a group you have more control using spacers. You can use the layout editor (can be found left from the tab name) to place widgets inside a group as you prefer. In your case you will have to make the group wider or the widgets smaller. But then you might get horizontal scrolling on mobile devices.
I prefer the max group width to fit on mobile devices (unless I design a desktop or tablet only tab)

Also you can set the size of a node in it's edit properties eg
by doing that you can leave room next to one node to then fit another beside it.

Thanks! Thats sorted now

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