How to change the value of a cell in Google Spreadsheets by specifying its row and column?

Using Apps Script, I'm sending information from Google Spreadsheets to Node-Red about cells that are edited by users (column, row, and the value of the edited cell).

Is there any sensible way to change the value of that cell in Spreadsheets from Node-Red?

I've tried using node-red-contrib-google-sheets, but I don't think it allows editing a cell by specifying its row and column.

Any kind soul willing to help?

It absolutely claims to be able to write as well as read.

I don't really use the Google office products so I'm rather rusty - when you define the service account, do you need to give it permissions to make changes?

Also, I note that the node has an example that you can load from the library that includes updating a single cell.

Thanks! I've found comment on github that solves all my problems :slight_smile:

you can specify the value for Sheet and Cells in the msg.cells property on input and leave the config in the node blank.

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