How to combine two data that do not arrive at the same time


I have a modbus node to receive the data of a sensor processed by a function and to store each in a variable in order to set up a msg.payload which collects these two data without problem
msg.payload = " RESUME : " + "temperature = " + temp + " °C || humidity = " + humi +" %" ;

On the other hand, I have a ui_Form or I mention an email address that will stoquer in to send the data collected by the sensor using the email node.
ex = ""

the sensor data comes in every 3 seconds, and the is generated every time I click on submit the problem I have is that I could not combine or associate the msg.payload with the to send the data via email, because they don’t come at the same time.

Any idea please !


See this article in the cookbook for an example of how to join messages into one object.

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Thanks a lot, it work.

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