How to configure Mongodb node and insert the data in Local Mongodb?


I configure mongodb node to my local mongodb
URL : mongodb/localhost:27017/test
Name : Insert
and then Deploy
Getting the error "Invalid schema, expected mongodb or mongodb+srv"

Please any one, share configuration to mongodb settings.



I don’t use mongodb but a search for that error message suggests that maybe you should be using


I might be talking rubbish however.



Colin , Thanks for suggests,

i was tried to mongodb://localhost:27017/test url configured to successfully connection to my local mongodb.

how to possible to My sensor data to insert local mongodb ?

i was try to getting error : TypeError: Cannot create property ‘_id’ on string ‘Temp=31 || X=1 || y=-1 || z=65’

could you please help me for this an error and suggests any way to insert data in mongodb .



As I said I haven’t used mongodb but if you put a debug node to show the message you are sending to the node (I am assuming it is the mongodb node that displays this error) and compare that with the documentation for the node then you may see the problem. If you can’t see the problem then paste a screenshot of the debug node output and someone may be able to help.